Giclee LTD Editions

Giclee (pronounced “zhee-klay”) is a French word that means “a spray or a spurt of liquid.” In this usage, Giclee alludes to the digitally controlled inkjet nozzles of a printer which precisely sprays millions of microscopic droplets of ink per second onto fine art canvas rendering museum quality prints. A typical 22x30 inch Giclee image is made up of well over one billion individual ink droplets. Eight colors are used in the printing process, the standard four colors are accompanied by light cyan, light magenta, light black and light light black and from that can yield more than 16 million shades of color. Giclee prints capture all the nuances of the original; subtle hues, vibrant color, rich detail, limited edition prints rival the original in every way. True to life limited edition Giclee print size is limited only by the size of the canvas, which comes on a roll 44 inches wide. In other words a small 14x18 inch original painting can be reproduced as an enlargement of up to 44 inches in one dimension. Clients can custom order any of my images as a Giclee print in virtually any size they require. Each Giclee is produced on fine art canvas, is signed, numbered, and includes a certificate of authenticity. Each print run is limited to 200 per image. Below is a list of approximate sizes and prices:

6”x8”--------- $45.00

Other sizes are available on request. Giclee prints can also be ordered on request from the paintings page. All Giclee prints are shipped unframed and rolled in a shipping tube. You may purchase via paypal, or money order. Shipping is free. California residents add 7.5% sales tax. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about these prints and I will be happy to explain further and/or give you a price on a particular image and size.